Friday, June 22, 2012

C-PACK of 3!! :)

It's been quite some time since I have posted, but this will change because now I will have LOTS of things to update you on...
Drum roll please....... Brad and I are having a baby!! :)

Brad and I found out our little family will be +1 on Tuesday, May 8th, 2 days before my expected period!
This was certainly the LONGEST day of my life....
The night before I woke up on Tuesday morning, I had a dream that I was preggo.
When I got up to get ready for a day in Kindergarten, I really wanted to take a test, but thought it would be too early to detect PREGNANT.  I thought what the hell and took the test.. To my surprise I got the BIG FAT POSITIVE!!  

I knew exactly how I would want to tell Brad he was going to be a Daddy!
Waking him up @ 6:30am most certainly wasn't the plan. Therefore, I had to wait it out the ENTIRE day of school until 5:00 when he got off work.  If you know me, keeping a BIG secret is VERY hard to do, but I survived and managed to not tell anyone. 
After school I ran to Wal-Mart and got an "I <3 Dad" onsie and a card. 
I then rushed to Hastings in Waxahachie and got Brad the "Expectant Father" book and a small bouquet of pink and blue balloons. I came home, got my chalkboard off the wall, and began to draw a sweet surprising message. 
I put the chalkboard on the floor against our kitchen table and faced the chalkboard toward the door so he would see as he walked inside.  I put the onsie, card, book, and positive tests on a chair beside the chalkboard.  I couldn’t WAIT till he got home, which would be any moment! I could wait to see him reaction and knew he would be over the moon excited! I got my video camera out and hid it under a towel on the kitchen table.  I aimed the camera in a perfect spot facing the door as he walked in.

I began to hear Brad’s truck pull into the drive way.  I hit record on the camera and stood by the door in front of the chalkboard.  It seemed like ETERNITY for him to get out of his truck and walk inside.  As he opened the door, I shouted SURPRISE. He was very shocked and surprised! His first words were, “NO WAY!”

After all the excitement together, we had to get a game plan on how we would tell our families.  My creativity was shot after trying to surprise him in less than 24 hours!
It was Mother’s Day weekend approaching and we already had planned to go to Nacogdoches to see my family.  We knew then we would tell my parents!  
We were so excited about this brand new news that we had to share with someone else! We decided that night we would go tell his family.
After putting our heads together we decided we were going to use our little niece, Tatum as the news reporter.

We went to Wal-Mart, bought a white t-shirt and fabric pens, and I wrote “Big Cousin” on the shirt.  As we got to Jules & Pops house, Brad and I pulled Tatum into the playroom and told her she was going to be a BIG Cousin.  Brad and I were going to have a baby.  She was so excited and said she could teach it lots of things and feed it.
We put Tatum in the shirt and told her the game plan.  She was EXCITED.
All of us were in the kitchen as we were cooking/ getting ready for dinner as Tatum came in with her princess heals, crown, white long dress, and her “Big Cousin” shirt on.
In Tatum’s words………
Everyone was very excited, gave us hugs, and Tatum was a SUCCESS!
Brad and I couldn’t have thought of a better way to share the news to his family…

That week drug by as we approached Mother’s Day weekend. 
(The weekend we tell MY Parents)
I decided since my parents are going to be FIRST time Grandparents I wanted to make them a photo album book.  I put different pictures inside the album of our chalkboard, our preggo spaghetti picture, and pictures of how I told Brad.

We arrived in Nac and after a few minutes of sitting around talking I knew this was the time.  I handed my mom a gift bag and said Happy Mother’s Day, tricking her into thinking this was her Mother’s Day gift.  She opened the gift and saw the photo album. She turned the page and saw “Congrats Grandparents to Be”. She glanced at the pictures and then asked Madison to give dad the photo album, who was sitting on the other couch.  When Dad looked at the book, he completely skipped the
“Congrats Grandparents to Be” page and just looked at the pictures to figure out we were having a baby! Silly dad!
After Dad saw they were both VERY excited! Mom had teary eyes and Dad said
“I knew it was going to be any day now!”
 I was very blessed to share my first Mother’s Day with the best Mom ever!
My Grandma (mom’s mom) told me that when my mom was pregnant (with one of us) she shared she was pregnant on Mother’s Day with her too!

 It was a very special week for Brad and I and our families!
I’m very blessed to have two wonderful families, a wonderful Husband-Dad to be, and a HEALTHY BABY on the way!

I’m still editing the video of Brad, so that will be posted on a later blog…

So happy to share the news with ALL!

With Love,

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