Thursday, February 2, 2012


Well, here it is... my very FIRST blog! Another addiction to add to the books..
1. Facebook
2. Pintrest
3. Twitter
4. Instagram (still new to it)
5. and now.... BLOGGER!
Oh boy, how will I ever keep up!

Due to addiction #2, I fell in love with reading random blogs!
(do I sound sycho?) 
Therefore, I thought it would be fun to start a blog of my own.
Hey, things in the Cepak House
are NEVER borring!

 MANY Thanks to Sheri Wallace for helping me set this BOOGER up!
 I was unaware of how difficult it can be to choose a layout, etc.
I think I finally have it all figured out!
Or least the basics for now. ;)
Thanks Sheri for letting me blow up your phone for the evening!

I will start off saying my name is
Sarah Anne Cepak.
(I love my new last name. hehe)

On July 23, 2011, I married my very best friend, Brad. <3
 We met while both attending Stephen F. Austin State University.

 My sophomore year in college I took Human Biology with a friend named Amber.
As we sat in class together, we were very observant of this
"cute guy" who always sat alone. 
We observed his mannerisims for a couple of weeks,
 then I finally got the courage to ask him to sit with us. 

The three of us became study partners for the remaining tests in class. 
(This was my second time to take Human Biology, good thing I failed it once. haha!) 
After studying a couple times together, Mr. "cute guy" asked me on a date! 
(It was a Wade Bowen concert at Annex.. how could any girl forget! PS. Wade Bowen
played our first dance at our wedding! hehe)
 I guess from that date on Brad has ALWAYS had my heart!

Here are a couple of my favorite wedding pictures taken by his aunt,
 Jina Armstrong. If you ever need pictures taken for anything,
she's the one to go to!

Well, CHEERS to my 1st blog! Its off to bed I go! 
The Hubs and I are off to "Mudi Gras" in Alto, Texas tomorrow morning.
Departure is 7:00 am. (YIKES)
Don't worry, I will be sure to post and tell you all about it..
It's a blog of it's own and will be an interesting one at that...