Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rockets VS Mavs!

This weekend Brad and I went to Houston for the Rockets VS Mavs!
It was a BLAST.  
My dad is a HUGE basketball fan and LOVES the Rockets,
but of course Brad and I cheered on the MAVS!
My dad got a party suite at the game that held up to 40 people.
In the suite we had, free food, dessert, and of course everyone's favorite, ALCOHOL! ha.
My dad invited some of his good friends along with people that work in the surrounding East Texas Boys & Girls Club's.
My dad gave Brad and I six tickets.
We invited my best friend, Jill, and her fiance', Nathan, along with Kameron, one of Brad's good buddies from tech, and his wife Angela!
My younger sister, Kaitlyn, also went to the game and brought
a couple of her Tri Delt friends. 
They were hilarious and they definately had a good time.
The game was a GREAT.
It stayed pretty close bouncing back and forth scoring.
It went into over time with the MAVS winning!

It's ALWAYS a good time going to the
Rocket's game in a Suite with my family!

Here are a few pictures from this weekend....

My sweet hubby & I.
Brad & Kameron with the Rocket's Cheerleaders.

The 6 of us!

My Best Friend

Brad and I with my sister, Kaitlyn, and my wonderful parents!

 Brad playing with two little kids, Caroline & Reed.
What a good dad he will be ONE day!

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