Friday, June 22, 2012

10 Weeks

How far along?      10 Weeks
Total weight gain:     None yet, but I know the weight will start to increase.

Maternity clothes?     I'm still in my regular clothes.

Stretch marks?     Nope & hopefully... NEVER!!

Best moment this week:     I left Monday morning to go to San Antonio for a     C-Scope curriculum training.  We came back Thursday night and I must say I was very happy to be back in my comfy bed & relax in the tub.  No better feeling than being back home.  I am also very excited to reach 10 weeks! It feels so good to reach these milestones!
Movement:     None yet, but I most certainly cant WAIT.
Food cravings:     Anything COLD! Popcicles, fruit, ice, water.. etc.
Anything making you queasy or sick:     Certain types of meat.. esp BBQ...
Gender:      We don't know yet.. The Chinese Calendar says BOY, we will see!

Labor Signs:    None & the word "labor" is kind of scarey.
Symptoms:     I've been nauseaus off and on, but not too bad.  I also have been hit with the "fatigue bug".    
Belly Button in or out?     Still rocking the inny!
Wedding rings on or off?     On! :)  
Happy or Moody most of the time:      VERY HAPPY!
Looking forward to:      Next Sunday Brad and I are going on a Caribbean Cruise with my family.  I can't wait to soak in the sunshine, stick my toes in the sand, and have a wonderful time with the people I LOVE most.   :)
Sleep:      I've been sleeping great with naps here and there. ;) I was definately     hit with exhaustion bug these last couple of weeks.

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